SHOP NOW Microdosing Psylocybin enhances creativity and positive learning
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What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is consuming a sub-perceptual dose of psychedelics, such as Psilocybin Mushrooms. Sub-perceptual effects are a subtle interaction with a plant derived neuro-medicine that has a positive influence in your life. Taking micro-doses of a psychedelic drug means taking only a fraction of a dose that is required to have a flood-dose psychedelic experience.

Individuals integrate sub-perceptual doses into a weekly routine to receive lasting benefits.


Reprogram dysfunctional subconscious patterns

Eliminate over analyzing self sabotaging mind chatter

Think outside the box


Treat SSRI resistant depression, anxiety and PTSD. Taper off current antidepressant medications

Connect to our inherent human potential

Suppress symptoms of ADD/ADHD

Reprogram dysfunctional subconscious patterns

Treat SSRI resistant depression, anxiety and PTSD. Taper off current antidepressant medications

Eliminate over analyzing self sabotaging mind chatter

Connect to our inherent human potential

Think outside the box

Suppress symptoms of ADD/ADHD

Why Microdose?

For Cognitive Enhancement

Microdosing has emerged in recent years, and is being referred to as a “Limitless pill” in the Silicon Valley making it easier to generate creative ideas and innovative answers to problems. It’s being used as a competitive advantage in coding and programming as well as an intuitive application for anyone looking for a uplifting cognitive edge.

For Anxiety and Depression

Recent studies have described microdosing psilocybin as a solution for alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, without causing any of the negative side effects associated with anti depressants and SSRI’s such as emotional blunting or apathy.

Nature’s Perfectly Designed Master Nootropic for Epigenetic Neuro Genesis

Psilocybin: as the active ingredient psilocybin binds to receptors for the Neuro transmitter serotonin with 5-HT2A receptors, especially in areas that control reflection, imagination and introspection, thus increasing creativity, calming anxiety, decreasing the need for stimulants and reducing depression.


Lions Mane: as a true nootropic is said to permanently enhance cognition by improving the brains ability to alter itself structurally. The extract is alleged to improve the body’s ability to induce nerve growth, with this property we could heal nerve damage and increase a persons ability to learn.


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Microcybin Pro
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Take one capsule on an empty stomach upon wakening. 20 to 40 minutes later you should start to feel the Microcybin® working. Gauge how you feel. Most people notice an improved sense of well-being, more energy, focus, positive mood and a flow of creativity.


The results from the last step will determine how we move forward. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for the Microcybin® to build effect. From our experience this is due to the Microcybin® learning your system, cleaning out pathways and building a relationship with the body.


After building a skill of microdosing on the recommended protocol, we can add a “Booster Dose” at the tail end of the Morning microdose. After 4 - 6 hours from the first dose we can take another capsule in the afternoon. This will work symbiotically with the original dose and extend the positive effects as needed.