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Recent studies have shown that many of the beneficial effects that come from psilocybin mushrooms, may have something to do with the placebo effect – but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Could the benefits that come from microdosing actually be attributed to the phenomenon called the placebo effect? New research says that this may be the case.

But before we can delve into what the placebo effect is and how it may be affecting the experiences of those who use medicinal mushrooms around the world, we should first cover what microdosing is and what all the hype surrounding it is about.

What is microdosing and what are psilocybin mushrooms?

Microdosing is the practice of taking tiny microdoses of psilocybin mushrooms with the intent of helping ease unwanted side effects that come from anxiety and depression. Microdosing has even been shown to increase one’s creativity and sense of spirituality.

The tiny amount of psilocybin that comes in medicinal mushroom capsules, is usually so small that the harsher effects of psilocybin mushrooms like hallucinations and paranoia aren’t present.

Finding just the right dosage of mushroom capsules can be helped along with a microdosing guide or even a psychiatrist. 

What is the placebo effect?

The human brain is still such a mystery that still regularly baffles science. One such interesting characteristic of our minds is their tendency to experience something called the placebo effect.

This strange effect happens when the expectation of something, becomes an actual sensation and perception. For example, when a person thinks they are taking a certain drug like an antidepressant for example, when in reality they are taking a sugar pill or fake pill.

Yet still, they can truly feel the effects of the pill they think they are taking.

Placebo pills are often used as an important part of scientific research, in order to get unbiased results from the participants in studies. Usually, half the participants in a drug trial will take the real drug, and the other half will take a placebo pill.

How the placebo effect and psilocybin mushrooms can equally benefit a person’s well being

A recent large-scale study by researchers at the Imperial College London in the UK has suggested that many of the mushroom capsules benefits that people experience are actually just a placebo.

The lead author of the study, Balázs Szigeti, says,

“Our results are mixed: on the one hand, we observed microdosing’s benefits in a wide range of psychological measures; on the other hand, equal benefits were seen among participants taking placebos”

Szigeti goes on to say that these findings could suggest that psilocybin mushrooms are less effective than we thought.

But is this really true?

Since the placebo effect can be present among all sorts of treatments and in all kinds of individuals, does the fact that some may experience a placebo while microdosing, actually make it any less effective?

Why scientists are leaning in the direction of a psilocybin future

The studies that have emerged in the last few years have shown just how promising psilocybin can be for the future of treating mental disorders like severe depression and anxiety, bipolar and PTSD.

Evidence suggests that people who took psilocybin mushrooms, even just one time, felt an improved sense of satisfaction with life, and found that they coped with things like stress much more effectively.

With the same effectiveness levels, how could a potential placebo effect have any negative role? After all, good results are good results, right?

While more research is needed before we can be sure just how effective psilocybins mushrooms are in a clinical setting, the people that regularly purchase mushroom capsules from medicinal mushroom dispensaries, are satisfied with their experiences and say they will continue to microdose for the foreseeable future.

Final thoughts

While it is important to study the way a placebo and a substance interact with our minds before using them clinically, there have been numerous other studies that have proven the low-risk qualities of psilocybin microdosing to be safe.

Microdosing Canada looks like it will only continue to be more and more popular, as each study that is released, seemingly solidifies the idea that psilocybin mushrooms are in fact an effective treatment for life-degrading mental conditions.

People that want to experiment with psilocybin mushrooms might want to consider talking with a psychiatrist and microdosing guide before they buy shrooms in Canada, in order to ensure the best experience possible.