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Product Description

We developed Macrocybin for those looking to go a little deeper without having to consume raw mushrooms from an unknown source and unknown potency.

1 or 2 capsules would be a creative happy dose and 3 to 4 opens the doors to a psychedelic experience which can result in a lot of laughs and a new introspection on life accompanied by some mild to moderate visuals. The addition of Lion’s mane (Hericium Erinaceus) extract to the formula was done based on our research and development in product testing; we concluded that the unique synergy of this combination allowed the user more control of their experience. In other words, it acted as a type of support or guide allowing the user to understand and interact with the
experience, rather than the experience just happening to them. This allows the user to take much more away and not be concerned with losing control.

We suggest you plan to have a safe and controlled environment to avoid any unnecessary fear or anxiety sometimes associated with heavier doses. Although we have designed the capsules to allow you to work your way up or dive right in for more experienced users.

Each Capsule: 500mg Organic Psilocybe Cubensis and 100mg Organic Hericium Erinaceus.

Dosage Guides

  • Mild Experience: 1 to 3 capsules
  • Medium Experience: 3 to 5 capsules
  • Full Experience: 6 to 8 capsules

We recommend you do not mix these products with other drugs and/or alcohol. This diminishes the effects and can cause unwanted side effects. We also recommend you do not take Macrocybin unless completely off all prescription mediations, have a proper protocol to taper off before or have consulted with a professional.

Our source of psilocybin is the Golden Teacher cubensis mushroom. Grown organically in our labs and manufactured with pharmaceutical grade equipment, with quality and conscious intent.

All capsules are manufactured under strict GMP compliance and evenly mixed for consistency in absorption with pharmaceutical-grade equipment; tested and safe to consume.

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11 reviews for Macrocybin

  1. Scott

    These are mind blowing!! almost a little much for the innocent bottle they arrive in but ya, its nice to have them in this form to keep the dose precise. Great product!

  2. Brie

    I’m a big time newbie to these things and I’m not the biggest person, so I took only one of the red Macrocybin pills (after I ate) to see what it would be like. With everything going on I just wanted to try something different and that i keep reading about. My experience was so positive, I felt my muscles relax, my mood was elevated and the funny thing is I didn’t think about anything from the past or worried about the future. I was calm, happy and had a lot of laughter. I shut off netflix and went outside for a walk. I could notice things i never paid attention to before, a humming bird came right up to me!! Anyway I just wanted to drop a comment and also say thank you for providing this medicine. It was cool to be able to take an exact amount and work my way up for later. You guys rock!

  3. Miranda

    When i was younger i had a couple times where i had a so called ‘bad trip’, so i’ve always been nervous about doing it again. I coulnd’t ignore all the current news and research about psilocybin , so i optd to get these because i felt safe with the capsule and the dosage I had control over! I didn’t have to take a part of a shroom and “see what happens”. I just take one pill in the evening and I am full of calm happy joy, my thoughts are positive and in the morning i feel like my brain was refreshed… 5/5 10/10 these are perfect.

  4. Lexi

    The day after taking macrocybin is the best feeling ever. Everything is brighter, creativity booming, feels like I’m connected spiritually to all nature and have an understanding of everything. I was nervous to try mushrooms, just scared to get the wrong amount and ruin my day with a bad trip. So thankful for these pills! I took one first and see how I felt after I knew it was okay I took another and trust myself more. It’s crazy to think how much fear is out there about this, I can’t imagine if EVERYONE took these how the world would heal! ❤️

  5. KyleS

    Probably one of the best products I’ve taken in my life. I took one pill the other evening and felt so good. I decided to take 2 more and felt AMAZING! such a good night, I went for a 4 hour walk just appreciating what I have in my life, I wasn’t concerned about anything and it gave me such a good perspective of where I want to go and truly go after my purpose and passion. It’s like it gave me an inner view of my life and shinned light on answers I already knew deep down inside. I’ve literally had some bad trips when I was younger, always nervous about how strong it would be just taking some dried mushroom cap. This formula is so smooth and perfect, whatever they use it’s absolutely great, beats going to the bar and having a beer after work, when I was working. In the morning I wake up so refreshed and ready to tackle the day! 100 percent recommend these.

  6. Marcus

    Invest in your consciousness right now, it will give you the best perspective for your future. Hands down love this product. The people behind this offering know what they are doing and have a mission. Bravo 👏🏽

  7. GregNovascotia

    There is not doubt that this works on so many levels of mental health, I and many others I know have found the truth that has been hidden by the pharmaceutical conglomerates for decades. This is the best thing to happen to us and purchase online. Thank you for a superior product.

  8. Andrew

    Thank you for this medicine, it’s so important for all of us right now. And when we can all have an experience with it-it would be one of the greatest breakthroughs humanity has & will EVER achieve, because of the unimaginable profound benefits it would have for individuals throughout the world

  9. JessicaR

    My besties and I all took 3 capsules last weekend on a cabin trip. Good music, vegan tacos, made soup together, cried a bit and honestly we haven’t been that close for years.💕💕💕 So much love!

  10. Cherylkitty1990

    Amazing product! Connected with my partner over the weekend and had such a special bond. We both took 3 capsules each of the Macrocybin and really got to understand and connect to each other on a different level. This really improves our relationship and we got to understand that hinge about each other we never even thought was the problem. Feeling amazing today and can not stop smiling. Just wanted to say thank you for making it possible to get this now. Very fast delivery and by far the best customer service I’ve experienced from any company in a long time. 😍

  11. Jackie

    My partner and I sometimes take these together when we feel like getting out of the house, things like hiking or when we take our dog to the park. Nature is more beautiful and our conversations are more connected. The dose is perfect, thankyou for this wonderful medicine =)

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