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Nature’s perfectly engineered Master Nootropic compound to promote grounding, rewiring and cognitive enhancement. Effective treatment for depression, anxiety, ptsd and promotes a balanced mood and sense of well-being.

The contents per capsule are 125mg organic golden teacher mushroom (Psilocybe Cubensis) and 125mg organic lions mane mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus) per capsule.

Psilocybe Cubensis as the main ingredient in Microcybin. Although many believe that most magic mushrooms strains have similar effects on the user; this is not always true.

In our research, we have found multiple different properties from the various strains and growing conditions of the cubensis, each with unique qualities and attributes that synergistically work with other stacking agents for specific results. We have purposely formulated our Microcybin to maximize and benefit our intentions for use.

Hericium Erinaceus as the main ingredient in Microcybin. Has many proven neuroprotective qualities, its ability to significantly increase the production of nerve growth factor (NGF), a specific type of brain protein which plays an essential role in brain plasticity, learning, and memory induces cognitive enhancement and can also give relief of depression and anxiety caused by inflammation of the brain.

Our preformulated plant-derived neuro-medicine and cognitive enhancer contain a blend of psilocybin Golden Teacher cubensis mushroom and a specially mixed Amazonian cubensis mushroom. Grown organically in our labs and manufactured with pharmaceutical-grade equipment, with quality and conscious intent.

All capsules are manufactured under strict GMP compliance and evenly mixed for consistency in absorption with pharmaceutical grade equipment; tested and safe to consume.

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20 reviews for Microcybin

  1. Jeff G

    “’Microcybin is by far the best nootropic supplement I have ever used. It has drastically improved by higher cognitive skills (i.e. creativity, problem-solving, and pattern-recognition) as well as my emotional awareness as a human being. After eight weeks of using Microcybin, I have found that my working memory has improved substantially. I have also been able to process information faster in my ability to read multiple books and articles in one day. I truly believe that this supplement should be used by anyone who is interested in achieving new levels of awareness and achieving a quantum leap in consciousness. To any full-time professionals or students, I would recommend that you avoid harmful other harmful “study” drugs and to begin using microcybin – it will change your life.”

  2. Taylor Gray

    This product actually changed my life. I completely stopped using my anxiety meds and replaced with these. My anxiety is better then it’s ever been. I really notice it in the gym and when i sleep at night. Thank you guys for such a great product

  3. Jay

    This is amazing. Really amazing stuff

  4. Maria

    This product is everything ! It has helped me overcome my anxiety, over analyzing and self sabotaging. It has definitely helped me “think outside the box” and help me reach my highest potential. I highly recommend this product. 5 stars.

  5. Wenny

    I’ve been using this product for a month and I feel an overall improvement in my mood and overall cognitive functions.

  6. Karen

    I practice Ashtanga vinyasa yoga everyday, it’s quite a disciplined practice. I started taking Microcybin about 30 before my sessions, not only can i connect better with my body, I feel as though my body communicates better and I get a better sense of where I am in space. I am fully integrated into my practice and going deeper in mind, body and soul. I get intuitive answers about life in specific poses that are amplified with the micro. Beautiful practise. Namaste 🙏

  7. Scarlett

    Microcybin did wonders for my depression and anxiety! This isn’t just hippy dippy nonsense! This is real medicine here! 10/10❤️

  8. Mark33

    I honestly feel if society did a massive dose of magic mushrooms people would walk away and rethink everything we’ve created!!! Back to order 3 more bottles for myself and family! Thank you for the code! I emailed these guys directly and they gave me a code for discount on my order.

  9. Jerad

    Microdosing psilocybin gave me my life back. I dealt with depression and anxiety for over 15 years and nothing helped.. Meditation, pharmaceuticals, therapy. The doctor kept prescribing me poison like sertraline that made me nauseous and completely detached from everything. I was so tired of dealing with this every single day, filled with self-loathing and held back by my mental illness. I started taking microcybin and within two weeks of microdosing I started to feel way better than I had for over a decade.. more in touch with my body, my mind, senses and emotions. I stopped feeling numb, you know that “fake” disconnected feeling. If I had not decided to take this path I would likely have killed myself. Thank you

  10. SarahB

    Amazing product and customer service! Thank you for helping me create a custom microdosing schedule! ☺️💕

  11. Chelsea

    People need to know about this! I was so nervous before taking these, I have never done anything like this before, not even smoking weed. This was just the perfect thing I needed in my life. I’m so motivated every day, working on my projects, passions and healthy lifestyle everyday! Love you guys!

  12. GarettG

    Started microcybin yesterday… the first day I’ve already noticed HUGE effects. This corona shit had me feeling down and just generally unmotivated. After my first microdose yesterday I picked my ass up, cleaned up my house and got a solid workout in. I feel like I got my power back, I have an overall better outlook on everything around this and am excited to see what happens when continuing this on the schedule provided. Top notch quality product guys and great microdosing guide provided.

  13. Jazz

    Microcybin for me has been about mental clarity, cognitive ability and resilience to anxiety/stress. Fast shipping, great communication and they sent me a free sample of a new product they are working on. Fully recommend!

  14. Ben00100

    I usually don’t leave product reviews, but I really appreciate them when searching for vendors myself, so here goes. I am very impressed by this product and by this company. My expectations were exceeded with how quickly the order arrived, even during Covid, the communication, quality of product and packaging. The tinted glass bottle to prerseve and protect contents and every other detail shows a lot of attention is put into this product.

  15. JamieMc

    I have been Microdosing with Microcybin for the last 3 days. i have been suffering from depression and severe anxiety most of my life. i feel like i’ve been reborn. a brand new man.

  16. ebxqgfosyy

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  17. Angus

    I’m a university student and these have helped me so much. Not only does my mind feel faster and clearer but, somehow what I’m studying has simply become more interesting. My mental health is probably the best its ever been since the pandemic started… life has a bit more understanding these days. Thank you Microcybin!

  18. Josh

    Ordered two bottles a couple months back, just bought another 2. Great product 😀

  19. Frederick

    I started with the Microcybin Pro product and then switched to Microcybin to test the difference. They both work extremely well. I work in IT and I am a hobbyist musician, so I have the need to challenge both my left and right brain. The IT work requires more concentration and effort in technical-oriented thinking while my musicianship requires more of the creative aspects in conjunction with technical challenges (for example, for digital audio recording on my computer). These products help in both respects very well. They are also extremely helpful in helping me bond with nature. Walks in the park have never been better! 🙂 Excellent mental health therapy. Great products. And good customer service as well.


    Looks like the price went up significantly, recently on this product!!!!! I paid the price because the product is so good, helping me to recover really quickly from PTSD and lingering neurological damage due to having COVID-19. But, I don’t think I’ll tell my friends about it anymore, since it will drive up demand and thus, price, again, making it unaffordable for me.

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